Practice Day 2nd August (3rd Practice)

We are back in Pallas Karting after Round 1 of the Irish GrassRoots Drifting Cup.
With outstanding driving all day and a hard fought podium we are looking forward to Round 2 on the 30th August.

But 1st up is some more practice on the 2nd August for the drivers.
The IGR Drifting series is growing with new drivers coming on board with each event held which we encourage and is also fantastic to see.
Our un-rivalled track time with use of our safety car system has cars and drivers on track is going down a treat.

Will you be in Tynagh 2nd August ?
We are always trying and sampling different things to help improve the running of each event.

Will you spot anything different ?

We will see you track side this Sunday.


2nd August

Practice Days are Done ,Now its time for a Competition!

So now that IGR Drifting has had 3 very successful practice day events.
All drivers have had 2 very good dry days out, and a very wet day with more track time than they or car can handle.
We have learnt a lot at all events and so have drivers. (some more than others but that’s all part of the world of drifting) 🙂

A lot of the newer drivers have now realised that extra lock is essential to correct a mistake or save yourself from a spin, tyre pressures are very important in a drift car especially on a wet day and shows your cars setup even with lower powered cars as fishtailing or linking drifts are very hard to anticipate and as we saw on our wet day turns into a grass cutting contest .(We know its GrassRoots Drifting but not literally Rooting the Grass while drifting) 😉

When we published our 1st ever blog post we received a great response from all the drivers, for the information/tips we have made available to them in it. (That’s what we are here for to help anyone that wants help) 😉
And a good majority have starting making the changes to help them progress and keep drifting on the track and off the grass. (And the grass in Pallas Karting and I thank you for it) 🙂


We are seeing a growing trend in massive builds , efforts and money being spent on cars since the introduction of our ”IGRDrifting” SnapChat.
This is giving us a unique insight into the drivers that are really trying to push the boundaries and genuinely love Irish Drifting and are making sure the car can perform for them and it is great to see how fast the sport is growing in Ireland.


Now that IDC Round 1 is now over, a huge event with very wet conditions for both Rookie and Semi Pro drivers which tested everyone on entry into clip 2 with the risk/reward being nail the racing line and entry speed perfect and hit clip 2, or go too fast and drop a wheel in the dirt and loose points or worse spin and get none at all.
For the Pros on Sunday the Sun was shining and the tyres were burning with some great battles.
I ”Fink” we can all agree that Irelands 10years going 11years undefeated streak is still well in place. 🙂

But back here at IGR drifting, the drivers have been getting the itch for competition after a very successful IDC Event, we have been contacted more times than we can count since we 1st launched in November last to start up a competition.
On the 28th June 2015 we are bringing a GrassRoots Amateur Drifting Competition to Pallas Karting Tynagh Co.Galway for the 1st time ever.


So what does that mean Rookie/Amateur only Drifting.???
We are trying to give the Practice day veterans and even some Semi Pro IDC Drivers a chance to qualify in a drifting competition for their level of driving skill and budget and to compete, gain confidence , experience and even friendships if they want to progress further into IDC in 2016.

The quality and competiveness of Drivers in IDC is huge and a daunting task to just jump into without the experience.
That’s where the IGR Drifting Cup comes in.

We have set a limit on the Drivers experience that are allowed to compete with us ”any driver that has progressed into the top 16 or more in Semi Pro IDC” Will not be eligible for our competition.
This means that we are letting in only the drivers that have little or  no experience in door to door action.

igr door to door

And of course the prize at stake is unbelievable to anyone serious about drifting.
Full IDC Entry and Log in for 2016. (WOW!!!!!)
Thanks to David Egan and IDC for that massive prize to the overall winner of the IGR Drifting Cup

And Also Fantastic that we can no announce all 3 Judges for round 1.
David Egan , Trevor Murphy , Brian Egan
All need no introduction as what they have achieved in Irish drifting and further afield speaks for itself.
They will have the difficult task of breaking down qualifying runs and battles and also will get to see the up and coming talent for next years Irish Drift Championship.

Our Drivers Entry is closing tomorrow 3rd May for Round 1.
We have all shapes and sizes of cars competing , from diesel BMW’s to v8 Conversions to bigger turbo’s or m3 screamers.

If anyone needs any info/help feel free to contact us.

We are excited for the busy year we have ahead of us.
We look forward to the challenges.
And would like to thank everyone for the support so far.
Lets make this as big as it can be and help us grow Irish Amateur Drifting for the better.

IGR Drifting Team.